“I Can Do Nothing” The Birth Of A Song Of Deliverance

Photo---Roberto Ferrai--Flickr

I Can Do Nothing–A birth of a song of deliverance–Let me assure you that I was not prepared for that evening in 2002 when my son, my only child, came to my home with his wife to inform his Mother and me that the doctor had found a massive growth in his chest around his heart and up into his neck. They were pretty sure that it was cancer, but would need to do more testing and perform a biopsy to make sure. To say the least I was floored.

Return of The God Hypothesis

  An excellent talk by Stephen Meyer, PhD. He leads you from the beginnings of the naturalistic world view to reemergence of God as an explanation for the universe and life on our planet. It’s encouraging to note how science has made the belief in a creator the most plausible answer to the greatest questions…

A Shaman Comes To Christ

Shoe Foot believed his abilities came from the spirits that lived in him–that he had sought for. And happy as he was at first he became miserable. But how could he find peace? For him it would turn out to be a surprising place. His spirits had warned him about a Spirit that lived in…