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Hi.  You’re  lookin’ at Lamon Napper Jr. ( I have no middle name because my dad doesn’t either) and my wife Marcia  Jean.  We were both born in 1955, and are the founders of Higher Encounters Christian Ministries.

The most important thing you can know about us is our love for Jesus. Sounds a little corny to some I guess but everything that is good in my life has come from him. The fact that my marriage has survived and thrived since 1973–the hope we have in the future –the making peace with our past– the joy and assurance we feel in the present is due to our faith in God.

In our youth we made some mistakes and wandered awhile, but recommitted our lives to God in 1975. I seemed to have always worked in small churches. I’ve traveled with an evangelist, taught Sunday School and bible studies, been a praise and worship leader, elder. Presently, I lead a small group in Brandenburg, Ky. I don’t believe we ever finish growing as long as we don’t settle for less than what God wants us to achieve.

Before I resigned as elder and praise and worship leader at Old Capitol Community Church a friend of mine shared a quotation with the congregation.

If You Always Do What You’ve Done

You’ll Always be What you’ve Always been.

This site is our commitment to always push beyond our comfort zone to be all that God will have us be.

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