We love to praise!!

Hallelujah You Are Good

Why do grounded Christians trust God even in the midst of suffering? It’s not because we always know why, most often we don’t. We trust God because He gives us reason to trust. He didn’t keep Himself away but came and shared in our pain. His disciples saw His suffering and seen Him resurrected. So…

I Can Do Nothing (Song and why it was written)

My friend Mike’s struggle began with the news…his son had cancer. What’s a fix it dad to do? Turns out sometimes in life you’re caught up in something you have no power to fix…so now what? Sometimes your trust in God is the only thing keeping you afloat. For those who have their trust well grounded–they find it is enough. His son’s story turns out well, for others, I know the outcome is more grim. But the truth is, our story doesn’t end with the grave. We can still have a happy ending.

He Paid It All

A great Song written by Brandon Heath and Deana Carter. I think what I love about our teams rendition is how I can feel their sincerity when they sing it… could be I just know how they feel.  Thanks team!

Build An Ark

We are not talking about building a boat…but building a life on Jesus. Abiding in Him is the only sure safe place. And what does he command? That we love one another. Similarities between the Ark account and the mission and message of Jesus. Both  tell of the seriousness of sin. In both  people are…