The Harvest

Lamon Napper Sr. was a traveling evangelist for many years. Often for his news-letter The Sower he would include poetry. We think you might enjoy some of these selections.

The Harvest

In spring the farmer plants his fields

and waits for sun and rain;

to cause his precious seed to sprout

and bring forth golden grain.

In summertime he cultivates

to help his crop to grow;

for he knows that he must harvest

before the winter’s snow.

When harvest time has finally come

he must be quick and bold;

for all he does not gather in

will perish in the cold.

God’s harvest fields are much the same

except when He starts;

the seed He sows are words of life

and He plants them in our hearts.

He cultivates it with His love

His mercy and His grace;

and when the harvest time is past

we shall surely see His face.


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