Nails Didn’t Hold Him


The love of Jesus is incredible. It was enough to sustain him through his crucifixion–and truly he was held to the cross by his love. If you like the song, there is a performance track available for download.

This song was one of the first my wife and I recorded together. Using my windows ME computer and a recording program we bought. We carefully layered in tracks one at a time. I added the guitar parts (bass, lead, rhythm) she added keyboard (strings, piano etc..) and vocals both harmony and lead. An old keyboard provided the drum track. Our goal was to put together a CD to give to family and friends. With the CD we included a message called ” Why We Worry”–it’s purpose was to get the people we cared about to think on spiritual things–to think about where Jesus was in their life. I was fairly pleased with how the CD turned out considering our lack of skills. What I lack in ability I try to make up for in hard work. Maybe the soundtrack will prove useful in your church service.

There is a third verse (see below) I chose to omit  on the vocal CD but when performing you may prefer to sing it to avoid the long pause during the instrumental part. You can freely use this to honor Jesus but if you include it in something you sell, please contact me first for permission. It would be nice to hear if you find it useful –but you don’t have to.

If you click on the song in the playlist first you will see an option in the menu for download.

Nails Didn’t Hold Him

Love was the reason God sent His Son.
Love became a sacrifice to cleanse us from all wrong.
Love was the power that gave our Lord the strength,
when from His bitter cup the time came to drink.

Nails didn’t hold Him
to that old rugged tree.
Love held Him there
while He died for you and me.
Twelve legions of angels
waited for His call,
but He hung there and died
with love He conquered all.

Verse 2
My sins formed the thorns they placed upon His head.
My sickness caused the stripes from which my Savior bled.
My shame made the spear they thrust into His side,
while He hung there and died as I should have died.

Verse 3
Jesus was buried in Joseph’s tomb was laid.
But love saw no corruption and rose the third day.
And love would not suffer us to be all alone,
so love became a comforter a seal of God’s own.


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