I’ll Ask Jesus For Another Parakeet.

The little girl’s parakeet had died so they had a funeral and prayed. Then she told her mom and dad, ” I’d like to have another parakeet.” Well, they were sick of parakeets and they said no. Then she said, “ Well, I’m gonna ask Jesus and he will give me another parakeet.” So they said the obligatory prayer to Jesus for a parakeet. Not long after, while the little girl’s mother was in the kitchen doing dishes, the daughter came in the back door with a parakeet on her finger. This parakeet looked exactly like the one they buried that weekend. It turns out that while the little girl was playing in the backyard a parakeet had flown into their tree. The little girl came to the tree and the parakeet hopped on her finger. Just like she prayed, Jesus had given her a parakeet. Yes, God still answers prayer.

Taken from a talk by J.P. Moreland.



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