Hallelujah You Are Good

Why do grounded Christians trust God even in the midst of suffering? It’s not because we always know why, most often we don’t. We trust God because He gives us reason to trust. He didn’t keep Himself away but came and shared in our pain. His disciples saw His suffering and seen Him resurrected. So they didn’t ask why suffering but knew His grace was sufficient to carry them through it. And if He is God—He can heal our pain. When we know what He’s done, and seen the evidence of His love, we can rest assured in His care. This a great song by Steven Curtis Chapman and Matt Maher. Check it out.


  2 comments for “Hallelujah You Are Good

  1. Phillip Herring
    May 2, 2020 at 5:04 pm

    Still wanting to know about your ministry of video and audio… What software and equipment used…

  2. Lamon
    May 31, 2020 at 7:11 pm

    Originally we just used webcams but now we have a XA30 canon camera connected to our computer with a Blackmagic capture card. As far as software we use wirecast to stream on the internet and record video. For video editing I like the Sony Vegas software But I also use Power Director by Cyberlink. We record audio on a digital recorder that I later mix on a computer. For audio mixing I have an older version of N-Track studio that I use and also a newer program called Waveform. After I get the sound the way that I like (or at least as good as my limited skills and time allow) I will replace the audio in the the video I recorded. For me that’s easier to do In Vegas Movie Studio Platinum ( I have 15)— it shows the audio wave form very clear and precise–makes syncing fairly easy. I am thinking about upgrading to a more professional version though. I hope this gets you started but there are a lot more knowledgeable people than me. Sorry I was slow in answering this —I get quite a bit of spam. If You you need more info just contact me.

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