Coincidence or Providence?

Recently, my bible teaching husband mentioned during class how that God showed His love for me in a very unique way. I thought that maybe you might enjoy hearing my story. The following account is true and occurred many years ago. It may seem such a trivial thing to you…but to me it reminded me of God’s love. I realize some folk may think I am reading too much into this. ‘After all’, they’ll say, ‘coincidences happen all the time.’ I say some things are just so unlikely, a reasonable person would suspect someone had a hand in making the arrangements.
Some of the details are foggy so I will only share what I absolutely recall.
I remember it was a lean time for us financially so we sometimes wouldn’t buy the little extras. We didn’t always have what we wanted but we always had enough. One day for breakfast ( I think) I was craving cinnamon toast, you know, something sweet, but we only had the sugar. I remember thinking, “I wish I had some cinnamon so we could have cinnamon, sugar and toast” and thought no more of it. Later in the same day, at the edge of our yard,(I don’t remember why I was outside) I discovered a sealed, unopened six ounce plastic container labeled “Spice Supreme”. I picked it up curiously, and observed to my amazement, the words “CINNAMON SUGAR” in big letters! WOW!!
No kidding! I had never before purchased a cinnamon sugar combination and still haven’t, so I knew it wasn’t mine. How it got there is still a mystery. Do I think God dropped it from the sky? Not really, (though He could you know), but it does seem remarkable to me that it arrives on the very same day that I desired it. Was this coincidence or God working incognito? I am inclined to believe it was the latter. God doesn’t always do a miracle to supply a need. What may seem to us as a series of seemingly unrelated events is God working on our behalf. Our Father knows our needs (and our desires) before we ask. (Matt 6:8)
That day, God reminded me of how important I was to Him and that He cares about even the smallest of details throughout our lives. We enjoyed His gift that day and several others afterwards. I kept that container, which still contains some of its’ contents for a memorial of how loving, good, and great our God truly is!
Other instances of strange “coincidences” have occurred to us through the years, and probably many other believers have stories of how God has worked behind the scenes.. The skeptic will write them off as coincidental incidences but by using a little deductive reasoning and knowing the God who loves us and created us, it becomes easier to spot His handiwork. To God be the glory for great things He has done—providing a little spice in life!

Psalms 37:4 HCSB

(4) Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you your heart’s desires.

Written by MJ/February 18th, 2017
Edited by Lamon Napper Jr.


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