We love to praise!!

I Give My All To You

Written by my friend Michael Bennett, A good song for a baptism I think. God’s best is given to those who surrender all to Him. It’s not that God needs anything from us… but our act of yielding changes us and enables us to receive His blessings. He has us in mind, our good, and our future.

Nails Didn’t Hold Him

The love of Jesus is incredible. It was enough to sustain him through his crucifixion–and truly he was held to the cross by his love. If you like the song, there is a performance track available for download. This song was one of the first my wife and I recorded together. Using my windows ME…

Dick And Eva

One of my chief joys is being able to make music with my friends. On this page you can listen to music featuring Dick and Eva Bundren. They have worked with me– and for me many years. Words can’t express how grateful I am. They both are kind and easy to get along with and…

Songs By Michael Bennett

I am thankful for the spirit of God that dwells in my friend Michael Bennett. Mike was used by God to inspire a love for God’s music in my heart. He and his family opened my eyes to the fact that God can be experienced through music. Through the years he has written many songs…