Nails Didn’t Hold Him

The love of Jesus is incredible. It was enough to sustain him through his crucifixion–and truly he was held to the cross by his love. If you like the song, there is a performance track available for download. This song was one of the first my wife and I recorded together. Using my windows ME…

I’ll Never Go Back —-A Shaman’s Testimony

God continues to use Shoefoot’s story and continues to give him strength beyond his years. He is out cutting garden this week and he can’t be much younger than 90 years old now! It is a blessing to pray with him every morning. His story will bless you as you see how God is building HIS Church among the Yanomamö.

Too Many Versions Of The Bible?

    Someone once commented to me that there are an awful lot of bible translations. I don’t know for sure, but what they said had the tone of someone who had thrown up their hands in the belief that no one can know what the truth is. While there are some challenges to understanding…

A Letter To A Facebook Friend

It’s amazing what you can find out about people. What makes them laugh, their struggles, what qualifies as a good day and so on. And it makes you glad when the get the new car they like, when they have pleasant surprises, when they find a reason to hope, when the the doctor says the babies are doing great. Sometimes though you find out how different they are from you. What they’re thinking and believe can surprise you.

Marcia’s Story

God has taken a frightened and ashamed little girl who had a bad start , and has changed her little by little, and has given her a bright future. Showing her that she is His precious daughter, loved and accepted, and beautiful in His eyes, and called to bring Him honor and praise.

Madeline’s Story

Listen to Madeline’s Story, part of our Life-Stories series. ..When I went out there and talked to them I said, “No respirator. Let the Lord have His will.” And I left and went into the restroom and cried. Madeline age 95 shares some of her life’s struggles. When things look bad… God can still have…