I Give My All To You

Written by my friend Michael Bennett, A good song for a baptism I think. God’s best is given to those who surrender all to Him. It’s not that God needs anything from us… but our act of yielding changes us and enables us to receive His blessings. He has us in mind, our good, and our future.

The New Testament Chain of Custody

A  excellent video of J. Warner Wallace at the 2012 ApologeticsCanada Conference. Excerpt from his website coldcasechristianity.com J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University, Christian case maker and author. J. Warner was a conscientious and vocal atheist through his undergraduate and graduate work in Design and Architecture…

The Journey

My bout with depression drove me to write this elegy. Even in despair, I knew God would send help.  This was my journey written by M. J. Napper 2011. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a foreword about what I was thinking and feeling at the time I wrote this. The Journey  by…

Over The Rainbow

As we approach the anniversary of my Dad’s passing I am grateful for the hope I have because of Jesus. My prayer is that everyone who has lost someone they love can have this hope too. My thanks to our team that put so much heart in the songs I ask them to do. 1…

“I Can Do Nothing” The Birth Of A Song Of Deliverance

Photo---Roberto Ferrai--Flickr

I Can Do Nothing–A birth of a song of deliverance–Let me assure you that I was not prepared for that evening in 2002 when my son, my only child, came to my home with his wife to inform his Mother and me that the doctor had found a massive growth in his chest around his heart and up into his neck. They were pretty sure that it was cancer, but would need to do more testing and perform a biopsy to make sure. To say the least I was floored.