Build An Ark

We are not talking about building a boat…but building a life on Jesus. Abiding in Him is the only sure safe place. And what does he command? That we love one another.
Similarities between the Ark account and the mission and message of Jesus.
Both  tell of the seriousness of sin.
In both  people are warned and offered a way of escape from God’s wrath.
In both  salvation comes by Grace.
In both  there is only one place of safety.
The Ark had one door and Jesus said he was the only way.
The Ark was wood ..the Cross was wood.
Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at His coming.
Flood waters represented baptism.
The plan for the ark came from God –God had a plan for our salvation from the beginning.
Noah was a preacher of righteousness and so was Jesus. And more…..

Picture Shed Porthole–Leo Reynolds–flicker –photo was modified.


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