Cardboard Testimonies 9-28-2018

We shot this video at a a small church in Corydon , Indiana. We invited folk to come share their story about what Jesus has done for them. Many of these people are part of my family in one way or another and I am grateful for the impact God has made in the Napper family. Some are a part of HECM ministries, some are people that I know who have served God for years, and others are people I just met. We didn’t come up with the concept of cardboard testimonies and I am very thankful for who ever did. Sharing stories about what God can do in a life is a privilege. Hope you enjoy—maybe you might want to get your family and friends together and share your stories—Just something to think about.

Hallelujah You Are Good

Why do grounded Christians trust God even in the midst of suffering? It’s not because we always know why, most often we don’t. We trust God because He gives us reason to trust. He didn’t keep Himself away but came and shared in our pain. His disciples saw His suffering and seen Him resurrected. So…

I’ll Ask Jesus For Another Parakeet.

The little girl’s parakeet had died so they had a funeral and prayed. Then she told her mom and dad, ” I’d like to have another parakeet.” Well, they were sick of parakeets and they said no. Then she said, “ Well, I’m gonna ask Jesus and he will give me another parakeet.” So they…

I Can Do Nothing (Song and why it was written)

My friend Mike’s struggle began with the news…his son had cancer. What’s a fix it dad to do? Turns out sometimes in life you’re caught up in something you have no power to fix…so now what? Sometimes your trust in God is the only thing keeping you afloat. For those who have their trust well grounded–they find it is enough. His son’s story turns out well, for others, I know the outcome is more grim. But the truth is, our story doesn’t end with the grave. We can still have a happy ending.

From troubled childhood to Gospel Music Hall Of Fame.

My name is Dan Keeton. I was 12 when Lamon Napper Sr. set up the tent in your picture across the street from my grandmother’s house in Leitchfield, Ky. My father, brother and myself had just moved to Ky from Detroit, where I had been thru Abuse and headed for a life of destruction. Instead, your dear father, brother and husband told me God had something great for my life, but I had to give him my heart first.