Swing- Low Sweet Chariot And Stayed On Jesus

Testimonies: Why Abdu Murray & Nabeel Quresh Have Become Christians

Let Me Feel Your Spirit Once Again

The Moral Argument–From William Lane Craig

I Give My All To You

I Give My All To You

Written by my friend Michael Bennett, A good song for a baptism I think. God’s best is given to those who surrender all to Him. It’s not that God needs…


Life Stories

Honoring Fallen Officer Detective Vicky Armel

Vicky Armel2

I came across this amazing story a few years back.  This is an excerpt from their website— In the Spring of 2004, two years before the shooting, Vicky began an investigation which would last longer than she planned, An investigation that utilized many of her detective skills, An investigation that led her to an unexpected…

The Journey

The Journey

My bout with depression drove me to write this elegy. Even in despair, I knew God would send help.  This was my journey written by M. J. Napper 2011. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a foreword about what I was thinking and feeling at the time I wrote this. The Journey  by…