I Needed Some Help & What A Friend We Have In Jesus

From troubled childhood to Gospel Music Hall Of Fame.

An Enemy’s Strategy That Ignores The Facts

Think On These Things

Think On These Things

Think On These Things are a 10 minutes or less reflection on truth. These are good for drive times or devotionals.  


An Enemy’s Strategy That Ignores The Facts

Personal attacks have been around a long-long time. So, is there anything we can do to prepare that can lessen the effectiveness of these attacks? I think so. From how we react, to how we tip the balance in our favor when others sit in judgement of us. So let’s plan, prioritize and take action…

That’s Good–That’s Bad

This is Marcia. I thought this message is worth sharing. Lamon spoke some on how we need to wait to see the END of the story before we can determine whether it was a good or bad thing which occurred. Also, he shared how that we need to be careful what we ascribe to be…

Coincidence or Providence?

Recently, my bible teaching husband mentioned during class how that God showed His love for me in a very unique way. I thought that maybe you might enjoy hearing my story. The following account is true and occurred many years ago. It may seem such a trivial thing to you…but to me it reminded me…

He Paid It All

A great Song written by Brandon Heath and Deana Carter. I think what I love about our teams rendition is how I can feel their sincerity when they sing it… could be I just know how they feel.  Thanks team!

Life Stories

From troubled childhood to Gospel Music Hall Of Fame.

My name is Dan Keeton. I was 12 when Lamon Napper Sr. set up the tent in your picture across the street from my grandmother’s house in Leitchfield, Ky. My father, brother and myself had just moved to Ky from Detroit, where I had been thru Abuse and headed for a life of destruction. Instead, your dear father, brother and husband told me God had something great for my life, but I had to give him my heart first.

Honoring Fallen Officer Detective Vicky Armel

I came across this amazing story a few years back.  This is an excerpt from their website— In the Spring of 2004, two years before the shooting, Vicky began an investigation which would last longer than she planned, An investigation that utilized many of her detective skills, An investigation that led her to an unexpected…

The Journey

My bout with depression drove me to write this elegy. Even in despair, I knew God would send help.  This was my journey written by M. J. Napper 2011. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a foreword about what I was thinking and feeling at the time I wrote this. The Journey  by…